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Ten Pin Bowling

Wow, what an afternoon of bowling!  We had thirteen bowlers participate, and by the numbers bowled, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Australian title was up for grabs!!

There was just a single pin separating the top two ladies, with Karin H edging out Carel Y, both just shy of 100.  Great to see Ann W also returning and getting into the groove with another solid performance.

It was really good to see some new and returning bowlers as well, with Mal M, Mick G, Paul G, Dennis H, and Peter D.  Of the ten men bowlers, nine cracked the 100 in at least one game.  Peter D had a PB with 130, Dennis H also up there with a 120, Vic S & Neil S also in three figure territory.  Top 5 after two games – Geoff H 327, Paul G 261, Bill V 259, Peter D 229, Geoff H 225.  Quite impressive scores all round. A vocal gallery, with Esma P, Wally P, and Penny M, providing lots of banter. Bill V also providing plenty of advice to anyone that listened, Wally P keeping a close eye on all the goings on, provided the entertainment for a great afternoon.

Back to the pub for some well-earned refreshments, and by the noise you’d think it was tradies afternoon!

Just remember that if you only want to bowl a single game, you are most welcome. And for all the diehards, 2 games seem to be getting a few just warmed up!  See you on the 21st of April, 901 Doveton St, Ballarat, at 1:15pm for a 1:30pm start.

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