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Bendigo Art Gallery

Ten of us enjoyed a self-drive trip to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see two free exhibitions, “90 Years of the Women’s Weekly” and “Australiana – Designing A Nation“. Not surprisingly, our ladies could relate and talk more about the cookbooks, dresses and fashion because the exhibit focuses on women and dress styles associated with the Australian magazine.

The Australiana exhibit was much larger with over 200 exhibits from artists and designers that included antique furniture, jewellery, artefacts and paintings from the late 1700’s to current day. Tom Roberts “Shearing of the Rams” was on display along with paintings by Von Guerard, Pro Hart, Ken Done and many others plus classic Max Dupain photos. Fashion from Jenny Kee and to end, a great slide show with a soundtrack from the 70’s.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed lunch at The Rifle Brigade Hotel across the road.

Overall, a very enjoyable day and worthwhile travelling to Bendigo.

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